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Peace Orchestra
G-Stone Recordings

When it comes to remixing, Peter Kruder should be well known to a wide range of downtempo beats- and chill-out fans. As a formerly member of the successful remix team Kruder & Dorfmeister (K&D), he is familiar to the remix business. After the break up of K&D a couple of years ago, he started his solo-project Peace Orchestra and released his first album in 1999 (entitled Peace Orchestra) with self-made material. Unfortunately I have never heard this record, but from what I am told this is a pure genius piece of an album, and a landmark of releases from 1999 (well, guess I have to believe that then!).

Reset is a set of reworks of Kruder's original album version, and features work from a number of Europe's best jazz-based remixers and producers. The contributors are no one less than Trüby Trio, Raw Deal, Soul Patrol, Gotan Project, Zero Db, Chateau Flight, Beanfield, Guillaume Bouillard, Kosma and DJ DSL, some of them quite heavy names in the remix industry. My guess is that Kruder himself has handpicked these people for a best possible treat of his original tunes. The mix follows chronologically the tracklisting of the original album, and is pumping away through a wide range of sounds and styles, always with heavy weight on the warm grooves. Here is silicon boogie, nujazz, broken soul, meta dope beats, digital latinaire and much more. This is a remixed album at a high level filled with groovy floor-fillers for dark club-nights. But even though Reset features many good tunes, the highlights to me are definitely Zero Db's ultra jazzy, and heavy Miles Davis inspired treatment of the track "Henry", and Gotan Projects tango-colouring of "The Man". I am curious of what the original album sounds like ... maybe I should check it out!

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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