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coverpic flag Belgium - Full Moon 72 - 08/22/02

The Silk
Precious Baby
self released

Belgian progressive rock band The Silk have no record deal, but they are working on it. This EP should take care of that if the right people hear it.

Fronted by the highly expressive Jo Douchamps, they put plenty of imagination into their songs. "Safe" is a deftly paced, airy song that has Douchamps sounding like Dagmar Krause. "Smell of Success" is propelled by well played percussion and eccentric vocals. It's frantic and exotic sounding. The melancholy "The rats" is another great song. Alan Delsaux's guitar plays off Douchamps's voice beautifully. The closing epic "Home Sweet Home" is a fine song with an improvisational feel to it.

It's a great EP so here's hoping someone releases it. If not the band may do it themselves. More info is at their site.

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