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coverpic flag Netherlands - Full Moon 73 - 09/21/02


This Brabant area power trio gives us an appetizer of what is just in the way to come after the acclaimed full-lenght What's in a name. This last, the one which consolidated the respectable reputation of more than 10 years punkrocking not only through the German areas (where they concentrate mostly the promotional efforts) but overseas in Brazil, where they even release special editions by F Records and recently were chosen as one of the best international acts on tour. Not differently, Ritalin will also be there soon in a split cd with at least 3 more expressive bands (surprise!) for the worldwide raw-rocker scenario. It is a wait and check, hopefully within the next full moons. For a while this Ritalin gives you no side-effects (if you don't know what this means, just don't order the cd from a doctor!), 3 songs where we meet the traditional Dutch recipe of melody, strength and pleasure that many learned to appreciate from long ago under the leading of Willia - guitars, vocals and composition.

Her voice is still one of the major grace the heavy rock could offer us. And this time she also gives a blues ballad with the sweetest name; "Cocksucker". Other suggestive titles are "Beer o'clock" and "Truckstop". Go and have a Ritalin overdose, this one it's fully reccomended and fun guaranteed.

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