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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 73 - 09/21/02

Marit Bergman
3.00 AM Serenades
Sugartoy Recordings/Border

Marit Bergman used to sing with poppy punkers Candysuck, now she makes punky pop solo. There's a sense of urgency to her songs that's very punky, even if the arrangements sugarcoat the songs. The first single "Waste More Time" is the song that most recalls Bergman's past with its buzzing guitars and hollered vocals. At the other end of the spectrum is the lushly arranged pop confection "To Brazil" , which is sweet tale of escape.

Bergman's gift for catchy melodies saves her when her voice reveals its limitations in the upper register. Lyrically she deals well with a failed relationship in "It Would Have been good" detailing all the things they would have done. 'And you would have taught me to ride a skateboard. I would have taught you to strike a bar chord' she sings.

Elsewhere she celebrates a boy with eyes like Keanu Reeves and contemplates a bitchy ex-friend. It's not the most musically complex album, but it has an irresistible joi de vivre that makes it special.

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