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Junior Kimbrough
You Better Run: The Essential Junior Kimbrough
Fat Possum

Fat Possum has exhumed another lately discovered blues powerhouse with the new, posthumous retrospective entitled You Better Run: The Essential Junior Kimbrough. Mostly confined to the wood shack walls of his very own juke joint, Junior's Place, near Chulahoma, Mississippi, until he was "discovered" by writer Robert Palmer in the early nineties, Junior quickly made fans out of luminary white-boys like Bono and Iggy Pop and the rest of the blues world. Drawn from his five Fat Possum records, this is definitely a place to begin to drink the blue waters of a man that rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers (check out the track "Release Me" for their back porch collaboration from '69) rightfully called "the beginning and the end of music." Hypnotic lines interstice and weave with that weary, somehow gentle, somehow frightening voice in endless configurations, playing that same song from the sixties on up until his death in the nineties. 180-proof that the blues are still timeless.

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