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The Low Frequency In Stereo
The Low Frequency In Stereo

Some would say that Mogwai started an all-new genre with their instrumental music and especially the dynamic between loud and silent passages. I often find this kind of music uninspiring and sometimes plain boring, mostly because it takes a lot of imagination to develop the style and to find new ways musically.

Low Frequency In Stereo is one of the bands that have been inspired by Mogwai, among others, and after a couple of vinyl releases this is their first album proper. The band originates from Haugesund in Norway but is now based in Copenhagen. They have received quite good media coverage from all over Europe and have lately been on a short tour on the Continent.

The record is all instrumental - guitar, bass, often jazzy drums and organ - and the music is often constructed round a basic theme that is repeated, dare I say relentlessly throughout the record adding new instruments and/or effects. Sometimes it doesn't work ("Space Echo"), but more often it works even very well ("Die Electro Voice", Floyd-inspired (?) "Atreides").

I am a bit ambivalent to this album and I have been very uncertain what to think of it, but when the mood is right this is working very well. Friends of Tortoise, Yo La Tengo's long instrumentals and Jaga Jazzist could do worse than checking this out, others could probably approach more carefully.

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