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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 74 - 10/21/02

Tim Records/Rec90

Bergen based Whopper will soon be ready with their third longplayer and to shorten the waiting time they release this miniature album with 6 songs on it. The songs have been recorded during the last five years (leftovers from earlier sessions?) and as I don't know this band from before, I guess W represents the band quite well. It kicks off wonderfully with "The Double You" - great guitar and drum work and a near irresistible melody. It's been much played on the radio too I've been told and will be on their new album. Some of the other songs hear are just fillers though, but "Neddie Nicotine" and "I'll Be Gentle" are the other worthwhile tracks here, suggesting that the band probably is just killer live.

Whopper reminds me of a lot of the Swedish bands that was (probably still is) quite popular a few years ago - Wannadies, Beagle etc, and that's not a bad thing at all actually. The new album will be in the shops in January and I wouldn't be surprised if Bergen is back at the top of the table again with that release (that's pop table, not football...).

And by the way - the cover is great!

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