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Various Artists
Antifolk (Vol. 1)
Rough Trade

Antifolk is a "movement" (or anti-movement?) with its HQ at the Side Walk Café in NYC's lovely East Village. This Vol. 1 compilation presents 20 tracks by the (anti-)folks connected to this place, including some Rough Trade artists such as Adam Green and Kimya Dawson (a.k.a. the Moldy Peaches), and Jeffrey Lewis. Oddities here we go.

Antifolk means slack folk and wild stories. Such as Ish Marquez' highly amusing "Gin Is Not My Friend". He's kidding, of course, because there's another friend called Tonic involved. Adam Green's contribution, "My Shadow Tags On Behind" is taken from his album Adam Green. Jeffrey Lewis tells about "home-science" in "You Don't Have To Be A Scientist To Experiments On Your Own Heart" (!) (off his album The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane !). The duo Prewar Yardsale's "Weird" is exactly that. Weird. The other duo on the album, wild twosome Stipplicon, rock on with their "Stamp Your Name On It", a wonderful folk-punkish up-beat stomp. One of my fave tracks. Other tracks are more sane sounding. Some even too sane. Or? Anyway, 20 tracks feels a bit over the top. That said it feels good to hear such a free'n'easy collection of artists, not taking themselves too serious. Imagine folk music under the influence of a mix of Violent Femmes, Dead Kennedys and Jerry Lee Lewis! This is what the Bush administration should've been like.

A strange brew for sure. But I guess a night at Side Walk Café could be one to remember. Last time (first time) I just dropped by. Next time I'll stick around for joy.

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