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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 75 - 11/20/02

Home Groan
Me Records/Tuba

Like it's been said before; Martin Hagfors is one of the most productive artists in the Norwegian rock scene. Raccoon is Home Groan's 6th album in 6 years. In addition Hagfors has been part of the HGH project for some records. Busy man, right.

Home Groan play music up the alley of Tom Petty/Wilco; some sort of pop-ish Americana with a slight touch of country rock. And they do it well. Skilled and solid, catchy and hummable. Yet I feel they're bit too straightforward and "mainstream". It's nice and cosy, but a bit too safe. Too grey for my eyes and ears, even though there are some songs even I like the better. Such as "Emergency Exit", the very fine "Confession", and the extremely poppy "On and On She's Gone".

I'm sure Home Groan have got some devoted fans around. I'm not one of them, but I wish Home Groan the best of luck.

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