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Minor Majority
If I told you, you were beautiful
Big Dipper Records

Seems like Pål Angelskår is picking a fight with Martin 'Home Groan' Hagfors over who's being the more productive guy around Oslo. First he took part in the Reverend Lovejoy project (two albums: 1999's Another Time, Another Place and 2000's Polo is not the issue darling, champagne is!, plus an EP). Then came Walking home from Nicole's a year ago. And here's another one, If I told you, you were beautiful. I'll tell you; this album's quite beautiful.

As on last year's album side-kick Andreas Berczelly (keys) is present. And so is Jon A. Stieng (guitars, plus), who's become a full member. Not to forget Karen Jo Fields' divine voice, as well as guitar and piano fills. Plus some other guests. The melodies are fragile and happysad, it's like a warm tristesse covers you. Imagine a somewhat cheerful Nick Drake. For every spinning of this record I get in a better and better mood. Maybe this's is the soundtrack for a dry, snowless (in the city, almost, so far) winter. Angelskår has witten the songs (two are co-written with Stieng) except two covers: "Motor Away" by Robert Pollard (off Guided By Voices' Alien Lanes album) and "Leaving The Game" by Buddy Holly.

So, for a start; if you're experiencing a rough morning, feeling grumpy and pissed-off, try "The Smell of Coffee". You're awake and shining! Take the title track, and you'll feel the warmth spreading inside your body. Step outside to "Dancing in The Backyard", and sunbeams will hit as the voice of Karen Jo Fields shifts in. Stroll down the road while humming to "Motor Away"., for just to return back home. Get inside. Spend a pleasantly, lazy day accompanied by, say, "Oh yeah", "Then You Said Something", and "Sunburnt Noon".

I wrote last November: "Walking Home From Nicole's is one of Big Dipper's best release so far." Well, this is their finest hour up to now. Well, it's not perfect - it could've been better, a little shorter, maybe. Anyway... Lovesick or heartbroken - this is the album. End of Minor Majority report.

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