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Bobby Hughes Combination
Nhu Golden Era
Stereo Deluxe Recordings

Bobby Hughes is back with his second album. Three years has gone since his successful album debut Fusa Riot, and during his three years absence Bobby Hughes both has changed his bandname and record label (and done side projects). Bobby Hughes Combination continues their journey into funky retrobased clubjazz, and brings the musical concept from The Bobby Hughes Experience three years old album further on.

Bobby Hughes is Espen Horne, a successful DJ and producer living in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. With the album Nhu Golden Era he has together with his A-team of norwegian jazz musicians (to name a few; Marius Reksjø, Jørgen Munkeby of Jaga Jazzist, Erik Holm etc.) made another jazzy, playful and funky album with a nordic touch. The melodies are based by samples, mostly from scandinavian jazz records from the seventies (the "old" golden era?), but you can also hear inspiration from jazzlabels like the german MPS. He takes those influences and runs in a whole new direction - not content to simply ape the sound of his heroes, but move boldly forward with their inspiration, into an unfolding array of funky fresh tracks! The sound is presented with Espen's tight programming and quality production and its clear that a lot of love has gone into the creation of this record. Samples and loops are definitely funky, and the whole LP has a high feelgood factor. Fans of the double bass and spine tingling vocal will not be disappointed. Just check the stand out track "Kerma Elastica" with vocals by the great Norwegian jazz-singer Karin Krogh. This is also the first single from the record, and given the heavy rotation in clubs around Europe there is no doubt that Bobby Hughes knows the dancefloor formula.

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