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Träd, Gräs och Stenar
Ajn schvajn draj
Silence records

I have to admit that I'm seriously sceptical to all bands who peaked 20-30 years ago, and who are pursuing a second career in the present. Let me just mention bands like Blue Cheer and Bubble Puppy, who made such innovative and all out rockin' records in the late sixties, and returned in the eighties with atrocities best forgotten. Or the scores of bands once popular, now featuring only one or two original members and doing their best to destroy all fond memories of the band. So it's fair to say I was more than sceptical to this new CD by Träd, Gräs och Stenar, 30 odd years after their last studio effort. Fortunately it's the original members who have made this record, the same people responsible for bringing an experimental spirit into the 60ties music scene in Sweden and creating some very special (and collectible) records from this period. Maybe the most timeless of these bands - Pärson Sound, is covered in an earlier issue of Luna Kafé (check), and they are the direct predecessor to Träd, Gräs och Stenar.

Back to this new record, Ajn schvajn draj, somehow they manage to sound both fresh and old at the same time. I would bet quite a lot on the assumption that they have recorded this CD with equipment survived from the old times, the sound is just as warm and full as remembered from those glorious days. And some bitching musicianship is presented, not in the wanking Yes-vein, but old guys who knows how to handle their instruments. Who knows what to do and what not to do, and still create something hot and fresh. And the songs themselves - just let me say I'm duly impressed. Not many bands can match this combination of psychedelic improv, experimental doodling and melancholic progrock and at the same time create some truly memorable songs. All their own songs except for a hilarious version of The Fugs "Nothing" translated into Swedish under the title "Inget 1" / "Inget 2" and sung by all four members live somewhere.

Thanks must go out to the now 30 years old record label Silence for bringing this record to the world; it needs stuff this good. Ajn schvajn draj ranks along with Faust's Ravvivando and Captain Beefheart's Ice Cream for Crow as the best proof that 50-60 year old guys still can make fresh and interesting music.

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