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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 75 - 11/20/02

DJ Schmeejay In The House

My DJ name is Schmeejay, but it's really just a name.
Just a conceived notion from the back of your brain.

I was conceived in Georgia but born in Germany.
And I know the bulk y'all ain't never hearda me.

I'm long and lean,
Strong and mean,
The likes of which
Your memory
Has ever seen.

I'm the name who was always called when choosing sides for basketball.

Now, wait a minute....

The Sixth Degree turned thirty thursday. He asked me to DJ his party and since I hadn't spun records since the Do Not Fear The Outer Richmond shindig, I wanted to and did.

It was fun. I was mixing vintage country/country rock/pop with minimal techno/static/noise stuff:

"Never Been To Spain" Three Dog Night
"Come Out" Steve Reich

into "El Paso" Marty Robbins
"Feld" Microstoria

then, "Guitar Man" Bread
"Are You There" (fixed groove) Josh Wink

some "I Love A Rainy Night" Eddie Rabbit
"Variations IV" John Cage

and even "If You Love Let Me Know" Olivia Newton-John
"Room FX " Tetsu Innue get the idea. Doesn't that Sound like a fun party?

My DJ name is Schmeejay. My lyrics are vain. But by the time I'm done you will remember my name.

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