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coverpic flag Brazil - Full Moon 76 - 12/19/02

The Myth is Dead
One Voice

This is a nice appetizer for the ones seeking those sounds of good hardcore from the 80's. And hopefully, a prelude for some eventual new full length by this São Paulo's quintet. The present line-up shows a solid blend of several influences that also came from previous experiences in the most known and reputated bands the Brazilian punk-HC rock environment witnessed during the last decade of past millennium. Perhaps the best evidence of this amalgam is on how Fabio Prandini's vocals fit along the other instruments really better than his White Frogs' 21J recordings which, by the way, is a good work produced by Down by Law-Dag Nasty's Dave Smiley. And probably this singing detail attests also the fact that his feelings were always more into the not-so-melodic stuff and then the recording of one of his seminal works as a mark of his roots.

Besides this track, there's three new convincing ones and the Bad Brains's "Sailin' on", recorded also by Living Colour. The time runs very fast on the display. But so what? If you can't wait for the main meal, press the repeat button: this snack is up in your face that can't be ignored.

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