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coverpic flag Brazil - Full Moon 76 - 12/19/02

Dead Fish
Terceiro Mundo Produções Fonográficas

While there is no sign of the release date of the new disc since one of definitive milestones of Brazilian punk fauna, the 2001's Afasia, bigger are the rumours. Among many that involves any artistically successful trajectory, a major multinational sign offer dilemma or the uncertainties of making a broader promotional effort abroad, through a very first tour outside Brazil's boundaries and participating in a split project with another bands with more international background. But in the meantime, so welcome is the ep and smaller the anxiety of the thousand local fans conquered one by one through the last decade by the band's own effort working basically themselves, also running a label for other friends - groups in the many corners of this country. No surprises for those afraid of any change. The songs were actually part of the same sessions that made the essential last full length. And so it is the art graphic, a natural sequence, kind of little bro of the beautiful cover work that composed the strength of Afasia. Every one a little interested about Brasil's rock, no matter which genre, should give a listening to these Espirito Santo's state guys. They are from one of the most unfair and dangerous place in the region, immersed in misery by corruption of the police and politics, menaces of human rights and assaults of the ecosystem by multinational of paper industry controlled by the Norwegian royal court. They must be the example of common people resistance, spreading words of awareness even to many more Brazilians and any person in the world concerned about a better global way of life.

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