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coverpic flag Brazil - Full Moon 76 - 12/19/02

Street Bulldogs + Dead Fish
+ Reffer + Noção de Nada

Faces do Terceiro Mundo
Terceiro Mundo Produções Fonográficas

Split works are usual especially in the punk hardcore rock scenario. Normally 2 artists share the work and maybe the costs of the production. A tradition that begun with the share of a vinyl disc, each side for each of them. Soon came variations, more bands participating in a same split recordings and still not what it could be called a compilation. Recently, NoFX and Rancid shared the space, each one covering songs that originally belong to the other. And then here is a extension of all these ideas and yet, it seems an innovative initiative, more than 2 playing a favorite track of the others and also one previously unreleased from themselves.

The result is this Faces of the Third World which shows a reunion of 4 bands in a cd that represents nicely and at same time, the works of a very promising so called independent label and of the one geographic region in Brasil where the rock and roll music always were undeniably the most active. Sixteen songs that will please both who knows the respective original versions and who wants to try the bands for the very first time. And the art design is a particular piece that deserves more comments: it's totally suitable with the concept of the project and besides, its beauty in intense forms and colours make the whole work even more attractive. Something with more than 4 faces and that goes beyond geopolitically divided places. No matter how obsolete all these subdivisions are, music is for one world.

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