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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 76 - 12/19/02

The Reilly Express
Luftwaffel Records

Rock is back! Following hot on the trails of the new breed of angry young guitar worshippers like Gluecifer, The Hives, The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comes this brazen lot from my hometown, Trondheim. Guitars, drums and a couple of fuzzboxes. One foot firmly planted in the US sixties garage mayhem and the other foot flirting with UK punk. A territory well explored by a host of Swedish bands in the eighties. So it's a case of another band who are inventing the wheel once again.

Nothing wrong with that if you're tight and got a couple of songs strong enough. And The Reilly Express is tight enough, but outside a few truly cool songs most of Dizzy sounds like a late entry in the Pebbles or High in the Mid Sixties series. Exceptions are "The Price", which sounds like something The Litter could have whipped up in their heyday. "Stargazer", where they stray into some really amazing psychedelic landscapes. "V8D8" which is just a good song with some surprising parts and the closer, "Dizzy", where they mix garagerock with heavy Black Sabbath type riffs and Black Metal moods complete with church-bells, lightening and howling winds. Probably just done for fun with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, but manages to give the record a perfect ending and makes me want to buy the next one.

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