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Carol Lipnik and Spookorama
Hope Street
Mermaid Alley Music

Carol Lipnik and Spookorama's third cd is indeed spooked. Lipnik emotes like Tom Waits' long lost daughter, throwing herself into blues, folk and rock with equal fervour. Her own songs stand beside other people's compositions.

"Voodoo Doll" has some truly scary singing and lines about piercing hearts. Spookorama play like they're auditioning to join a band of ghosts. The version of Brian Eno's "By this River" trembles with sadness. "Plain Gold Ring", which Nina Simone has sung, is a haunted tale that Lipnik gets to the heart of. Her rendition sounds like Diamanda Galas fronting the Doors.

"Language of the Heart" is icy and reserved. Carol Lipnik hold back a little and it's all the more effective because of it. There are some nice jazz touches to the song that suits it well. Hope Street is a wild ride of a record.

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