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Sleep Fast
DoubleDaddy Records

Coydog has taken the name from the mixed breed of coyote and dog (you guessed it!) at the outskirts of the American deserts. The music seems inspired by this landscape. The acoustic duo from the western region of Norway describes what they're up to as metaphysical country music. I was more than a bit sceptical, being allergic to steel guitars and anything country and/or western, except Johnny Cash, perhaps. They set out on their quest after a rendezvous with trolls, demanding them to "explore your passion for acoustic guitars, slide & lap steel, wonder about your forefathers who sailed across the big sea - learn later about the Three Great C's: Cohen, Cooder & Cash "

Well, the steel guitars are not dominating and the country feel is not that embarrassing apart from the final track "Guessing Game". To me the songs seem as close to the singer-songwriter tradition, folk or bluegrass. Someone might even tag the 'silence is the new loud' label of Kings of Convenience et al to some of the songs. Though the overall American feel is present throughout. My favourite track is probably the relatively short and sweet "Silky Pillow" with guitar picking reminding slightly of The Doors' "The End". Dreamy stuff. "Out Of The Blue" is not far behind, quiet and laid-back. "November Song" up the paths of Nick Drake also has its moments. "So Fucked Up" is the bitter pill, closer to basic blues. Coydog's own favourite, the also bluesy "Please Come Over" sounds too constructed manic for my taste. All songs are dominated by impressive guitar picking and playing, leaving some melodies and the singing somewhat anonymous behind. On other tracks the guitar treatment makes me forget the actual songs to some extent. I guess the album mainly will appeal to acoustic guitar connoisseurs. You might find more information and listen to some of the songs at the Coydog homepage.

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