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Quarks is a band that nowadays only exists in the virtual world. It has been resurrected thanks to the microcomputers and audio edition softwares. Originally formed in 1996 as a reunion of different talents from the Communication and Arts School of São Paulo, the cybernetic version of the group came back in 2002 with only 2 of the former original members.

Adriano Quadrado plays guitar and sings most of the vocals. Mauricio "Mau Mau" Guerreiro does all the rest: electric guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica, MIDI programming and some other vocals. The majority of the tracks were first composed in the middle 90's. All of them still giving us what the band really were in the beginning with the nonsense, good mood and unpretentious rock.

Actually, the songs are available for the crowd only since the early 2003 by online purchase exclusively. And every fan that always wanted to sing along again those legendary choruses from the memorable gigs through that once infamous Sampa college circuit could do it now chasing the limited edition cd. Highly recommended for the ones who may wonder how Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Kinks and others should sound like if it had happened in the last decade of the past millennium in Brasil.

Who wants to practise Portuguese in a nice and highly accurate way should visit the Quads blog, written by the also journalist Quadrado who can tell you all about Quarks and loads more, even those things you were always afraid to ask.

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