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coverpic flag Brazil - Full Moon 78 - 02/16/03

Rita Maria
Fora de Órbita
Quadrado Blogspot

If you like Elis Regina or Marisa Monte, you must take a time to listen to this. As written in her homepage "in her girlie look-alike, composer and singer Rita Maria hides a powerful and versatile voice and she has been coming out as a talent in the writings and composing of the recent brazilian music".

Although her whole curriculum is available through the webpages only in portuguese, any listener of the so called MPB music will soon recognise she is very promising and did a lot in her yet young career. It is already a hard job in which she has been receiving respectable prizes and involved in consistent projects like cultural events as producer, conductress and seminal acts in bands like Quarks. And it's a pity that this now very first effort of showing her beauty on cd isn't getting more distribution than at the gigs or on websales by her own. But, if you write to her account you will be probably one of the still few customers receiving tailored made treatment and having the pleasure of purchase the exclusive work. So, for you piece of art hunters, don't wait until she starts to be difficult to get in touch with because the showbiz around.

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