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Pulp Vixen
Teaser EP

When this all-girl, rock'n'roll quintet popped out from their location in Tromsø with a cd a couple of years back I was mighty impressed. Pulp Vixen showed instant qualities, with good songs, tough'n'catchy, and with just the right credibility. Thumbs up and good luck I said. Then months and months passed before I during the Tromsø Film Festival last January was given this five song EP by guitarist Anne Mette. An EP released a few months back, and it seems that most parts of music media ignored it. Strangely enough.

Since last time the stick-girl has left to be replaced by a drummer-boy. And they've become better in writing and arranging songs. The handful of tracks presented here shows material that has been refined over a period of time. Pulp Vixen sure rock, and they've come up with incredibly catchy songs. Several tracks, such as starter "Gossip" (maybe also closing track "Never Neverland") remind me briefly of the early 80s underground band the Swimming Pool Q's, from Atlanta, GA, USA. "Month of May" is the toughest track, starting very calmly, before escalating away - showing a very tight band. But "Never Neverland" is my ultimate favorite pick from this teasing Teaser disc.

An EP showing a band to count on - a band that has matured since last time. The production is better, and the band itself is better. If Pulp Vixen applied for this year's by:Larm (In The City) it's a mystery why they were rejected. Along with Furia they're top of the hill within their genre.

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