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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Master and Everyone
Drag City Records

In the days before war, what do you think about? What are you eating? How are your sleep habits? Do you talk less on the phone? Do you smile more on the street? In the days before war, with hope hanging like a chinese lantern - dim and only made of paper, I'm drinking less coffee and sleeping well in my big, new bed.

I've got a big, new bed. I've got big,new, 280 thread count sage-green cotton sheets. I've got a big, new body pillow and I'm sleeping well at night with my big ol' dog by my side. In the days before war, we're taking longer walks. Playing harder by the ball diamond. Longer at the beach. In the days before war we trod home tired from the ocean, weary and wet. Silly and saddened.

In the days before war, I'm also finding comfort in the Beauty of this Billy.

Peace out.

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