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Wynne Alexander
Knowing Love by its Abscence
Probonofone Recordings

Wynne Alexander has a deep, sensous voice that comes to its right on this cd. She writes sharp, imaginative lyrics and unusual melodies.

"I'm Not Here Anymore" is an edgy, witty breakup song. It's one of the album's strongest tracks. The cabaret-influenced "What Am I to Say" has all the allure and intrigue of an old Marlene Dietrich song. Alexander seems comfortable with the genre. "Liars" has a Roxy Music-like sound and some brilliant putdowns by Alexander. Her voice is at its most eloquent here.

The jazzy "Hot, Cause You're Not" hilariously deals with overconfident people. The singer's sweeter side comes through on the lush closer "Love You Lullabye". It sounds like a contemporary update of a classic jazz song.

Wynne Alexander is an intriguing new artist and hopefully she'll make more records like this one.

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