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Double up, Please!
Cope Records

Thulla's music is in a spirited jazz style with flexible vocals and loose rhythms. She mixes her own songs with well-chosen covers. Brecht/Weill's "Alabama Song" gets a cool reading. It's playful and light and Thulla gives it a Björk-ish feel with her singing.

"Scents of Flowers Died Away" is a sad and pretty song with a lilting lead vocal that echoes swedish singer Lisa Ekdahl in her jazz mode. The backing musicians follow Thullaâ?Ts lead with a fluid grace. "Love is a Looser's Game" is beautiful and uses an elegant trumpet part to great effect. "Blue Shadows" uses a minimal backdrop for Thulla to emote against. It's a hypnotic and eerie song. The bluesy "Traces" is a welcome change of style and it suits the band and the singer just fine.

Double Up, Please! is a dynamic and invigorating album.

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