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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 79 - 03/18/03

Justin Sullivan
Twilight Home + Ocean Rising
Attack Attack

If you've never heard about Mr. Sullivan, you probably don't know about New Model Army. Then you ignore also part of the most honourable british history. And this applies for the musical context. He once was known as the equally memorable Slade the Leveller, and is one of the most talented musician in the rock and roll world. One of the most rejected by the showbiz and pop press circus too. He simply does't mind. For more than two decades still captivating new admires to join the legions of followers, he has the guts to continue in command of his new model armian way of life.

And this means stay passionately, loyally and even ingenuously in love with his own music. Navigating By The Stars is the brand fresh recording to preserve all that, some would call, old fashioned essence. Better believe, this is how truth is made from. From this full length comes the first single Twilight Home. It contains "b sides"; the already 'why isn't this track on the album?' "Sooner or Later", and a masterpiece about time, "Highlights": a live and full of life version, captured during the never lasting tours (thanks Justin Sullivan!) with the friends Dean White and Michael Dean, who are New Model Army's keyboarder and drummer respectively.

coverpic The other single is Mr. Sullivan's favorite and only in a promotional version yet, with a radio edit, even if they will never play it as it uses to happen. Anyway, it's a tsunamic song in all its beauty, intensity and mortality. For our age of internet: it's great to know that we can still move from behind the pc and find out that there is still people who wants to be lost in the oceanic reality, where navigating is not that easy and there no place for cheap thrills. We need to feel the ocean rising more and more times.

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