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Mull Historical Society
Blanco Y Negro

Here's another 'history lesson' from one of Glasgow's finest pop-heads, Colin MacIntyre and his musical project Mull Historical Society. It's seems (sounds) like Colin is sort of the Scottish Doug Martsch (Built To Spill), even though MHS maybe is a little less rock'n'roll than BTS, and a tad more eccentric? So, does the title of this second MHS album imply a, uh, 'megalomaniac' Mr. Colin MacIntyre? Some sort of a 'plurality' syndrome? Don't think so, but he's got some twisted stories on board his little ship of pop. Get on board.

Colin is from the small island of Mull, but is living in Glasgow (Pop City). He writes songs, sings and plays most instruments, he produces, and he even designs the sleeves. The awesome "Animal Cannabus" from his 2001 debut album Loss took me by surprise. In fact I was paralyzed after the first spinning, making me put it on repeat for like twenty times in a row. A killer pop song it is. Loss showed an Artist with this it - I won't say he's a genie - but showing a somwhat spiritual song performance, with integrity and glow. So, Us, then? It's kicking off with neat pop-song "The Final Arrears", and presents of course a lot more pop-song quality as it spins on. Such as smashers "Live Like The Automatics", "Minister For Genetics & Insurance MP", "Gravity", and "The Supermarket Strikes Back" (amusing lyrics!). MSH hand out well-tempered songs with a very fine bouquet. Melancholia and a certain 'tristessa' are present but not over-whelming. That said it seems like Us is more about 'loss' than Loss was. Of missing and losing. People you love or care for. Such as "Five More Minutes", a touching dedication to the memory of his father. Or beautifully sad love songs like "Asylum", "Her Is You", and "Don't Take Your Away From Me". The album ends with the great title track, sort of a twisted waltz/march-hybrid, before it ends with a slightly funky closing theme and a bunch of...sheep!?

A great record it is. I'm eager to hear more of the 35(!) songs recorded for this album (Loss holds only 14 of them). If you've ever been into acts like the Trash Can Sinatras, Ben Folds Five, Beach Boys, Weezer, well, then it's about time to vist Colin MacIntyre's musical island. Mull of MacIntyre!

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