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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 79 - 03/18/03

Kajsa Grytt
Är vi på väg hem?

Kajsa Grytt once fronted girl punks Tant Strul, who were an amazing band. Later she joined Malena Jönsson to become the celebrated cabaret-ish duo Kajsa and Malena. She has since started a solo career, and it's been nine years since her last album, Revolution.

Är vi på väg hem? (Are we going home?) is an intimate-sounding album. Kajsa's expressive voice and her strong lyrics are intact. She still writes about fractured relationships and longing. "Farlig liten djävul" (Dangerous little devil) has an innovative arrangement and a loose feel that contrats with the words about an irresponsible man. "Fallen i graven" (Fallen into the grave) is bluesy and intricate. Kajsa's voice drips with spite and sweetness.

"Precis så?" (Just so) is a lovley song with a Neil Young-like feel. "Jag är en av dem" (I'm one of those) is a melancholy song about being "one of the ones that loneliness likes". The title track namechecks PJ Harvey and then moves on to describe a love story with problems. The melody is gorgeous and the arrangement simple but effective.

This is a strong comeback for Kajsa Grytt and it's good to have her back. Her brand of intelligent, emotional songs has long been absent in swedish music.

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