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June 1997

How did it all get started, what bands are/were your musical influences and where did you guys meet eachother, and how did you envolve?
We come from the same town, called Vorstenbosch. There are two brothers in the band. Then a friend joined them and the 4th member worked himself into the band, cos he's a friend too. Our musical influences are: 9 pound hammer, Ramones, Stones, Beatles.

How did you came up with the band name and what does it mean?
Patrick: From a movie (by Monty Python - editors note), in that movie there's a dragon called Jabberwocky. There is a poem from Carol Lewis' Alice in Wonderland, which contains a dragon called Jabberwocky. And the band name mustn't have the before the name, like The Hellacopters.

How long have you been together?
For 5,5 years.

Who are your favorite bands?
9 pound hammer, Ramones, Cramps, Rock'n'Roll from the 50's/60's made by black people.

What type of music would you classify your bands as?

Can you give the instruments / names of all of the band members?
Pim on drums, Edwin on guitar, Michel on vocals, and Dirk on bass

What records have you made, and which one is the best?
Singles: Girl is Leaving Town, Hips too Clothes (*) (I guess from bad handwriting...), We're Just Bom Bom Boys, Drunk on the Highway, Get Fucked Up With (split with Firebirds).
Albums (LP/CD): Tractorjockey, Finger Poppin' Time.
The best has still to come. For the 3rd LP/CD we already have about 10 songs.

What do you see in the future for the band?
We like to continue as long as we have fun doing it.

What bands do you enjoy playing gigs with?
Cosmic Psychos. We've already played with The New Bomb Turks. Motorhead.

Do you like to make albums better on vinyl, cd, tape, and why?
Cd's are sold more.

What do you think about drugs?
sigarettes, beer, coffee are good, hard drugs are stupid. Peppermint is cool.

What do you think about festivals?
Festivals are fun, although it's unpersonal. We have less time to play our songs.

What does punk mean to you?
They way it's played on the radio at the moment. I don't think they listen to Mr. Lee's mysterious washing machine. Pim: Sex Pistols, GBH, Exploited (I'm wearing the ls from Exploited's beat the bastards tour) and they coverd a song from Exploited.

What do you think about the internet?
We aren't fascinated by computers. Internet is expensive.

Whats your favorite television show and/or cartoon?
Beverly Hills 90210.
Michel: Get the Picture, X-Files.

Whats your favorite qoute?
Michel: "verrekte lul"
Pim: "over de kippen lul" (I guess, it's unreadable again)

Do you think Punk is becoming "mainstream"?
Yes, it's no problem for us.

Do you know some unknown ska punk bands which are good?
Grave Diggers, 9 pound hammer, Jason and the scortchers, and the Whimps.

(* The title of this single should be "The Kings New Clothes" - ever thought of using a tape recorder, Marcel...? - editor's note:-)

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