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Gamine is a duo consisting of Ian Williams and Claudia Barton. Their music is nostalgic for an era that never was. All their songs detail romance of the saddest kind. Claudia Barton's voice is a lot like Sarah Cracknell's, all wispy and sweet.

Ian Williams' compositions create an aural equivalent of a very chic and stylish french film. "Oh,What a Kiss" is an accordion-swept meditation on that subject delivered in a swoonsome way by Barton. "Love and Poverty" is a piano ballad with a moving subject matter. "Requiem no 1" is gorgeously melancholic. "Loving too much will get you killed" muses Barton in her most waif-like way. The contrast between what she's singing and how it's sung is used well. "Street in Manhattan" is a jazzy little number with a muted trumpet part.

It's a charming album to be sure. One that will make you feel as if you're living in a film while listening to it.

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