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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 80 - 04/16/03

The Buddaboys
Lost Peoples Area
Anderson Records/Warner

Buddaboys is a new group starring famous swedish singer Eva Dahlgren and her friends Mija and Greta Folkesson. Dahlgren has a successful solos career, so her choice to be part of a group seems a bit odd. Mija and Greta sang backup on one of Dahlgren's records in the nineties and made quite an impression on her.

The result is more joyous than anything Dahlgren has done in a while. Mija and Greta are accomplished musicans as well as singers and they show this here. "Do Me" is an upbeat song about sex that uses disco elements well. "Skin to Skin" casts a critical eye on the current media climate. Dahlgren's uniquely husky voice blends with the purer tones of the Folkesson sisters to fabulous effect.

"Deep Waters" is a soulful, surging number with spellbinding harmonies. "Oops" makes fun of little-girl singers like..well you can probably guess that from the title. "Replacing my brain with a butt" sings Dahlgren. No doubt the butt is marked "dirrty".

Buddaboys are grown women and they make music accordingly. Mature, sophisticated but never dull. They have made a very nice album.

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