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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 80 - 04/16/03

Glam Will Save The World

Hedwig finally did it. For me, it was the movie first (best credits since Women on the Verge!), but a few weeks ago I witnessed. I saw the stage version here at The old Vic in San Fransassy. And the fog was already fogging off the stage when we got there.

Oh my, what simple, smiling fun.

Handswavingintheairandmeaningit kind of fun. You know, That kind.

Well, I wanted to go and buy a whole new wardrobe after that. I am changed, forever. You should See what's hanging in my closet now. All I want to do is play dressup and listen to T Rex, and Bowie, and Roxie, and Sweet. And some Supergrass and Strokes too, I guess.

Glam Is what Emo Was. Really. All that glitters is indeed Good.

Gender-bending, power-chording, platform-wearing, glitter-sweating Glam. It'll save the world. If you listen really carefully, you can already hear the first strains of "The Slider" coming from over the mountains. Soon armies of severe and beautiful she-males and fe-hes will storm and strut into our villages and free us from our dreary little lives.

And everything will glitter. And everything will rock. And everything will be perfect.

And Glamorous.

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