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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 81 - 05/16/03

Moon Tones Music

Onomatopea is a duo of Delia Lyn and Andy Pietropaolo. Their music is easy on the ears, but also has plenty of depth. Delia Lyn's vocals are energetic and beautiful and the bands sound is very innovative.

"Change" recalls Björk's more relaxed moments, all fluid bass and quivering vocals. "You're So Wild" is jazzy and languid. Lyn sings it softly but persuasively. The uptempo "Speed of Light" sees the group quoting from the Bible while playing a funky song. "Dreaming About you" is a calypso that brings out the bands playful side. "Lucky Charm" uses a japanese-influenced sound to great effect.

The closing track "Chant of the Migrating Soul" takes the listener someplace fascinating. It's a lenghty piece but all the more evocative for it. In all this is an invigorating listen.

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