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coverpic flag Ukraine - Full Moon 81 - 05/16/03

The Moglass
Telegraph poles are getting smaller and smaller as the distance grows

I just have to admit that my knowledge of Ukrainian experimental music is rather limited. But it's always nice to discover a thriving new scene, and the label NexSound seems intent on making new music from the vast plains of Ukraine widely known. Although few of the labels artists have a familiar ring to them, with names like Kotra, Sidharta, Alphonse de Montfroyd and Nihil Est Excellence, if all of them are as good as Moglass I think NexSound have a bright future ahead of them. And we will hear a lot more of this scene.

How to describe the music of Moglass? Well, it's a mixture of glitch electronica and acoustic instruments, mostly guitar and bass, surprisingly often played without much effects. Leaving room for layers of fresh sounding and melodic drones, which they themselves names "personal-folk". One of the elements who contributes to the freshness of the sound is their love for analogue synths, it's amazing what they makes these old boards do. As the title suggests the overall themes here are to do with space, travel and transformation. They makes each song a journey and forces you to see things anew. It's like they describe the very land itself, the vastness and the changes. I'm impressed!

I can't name any favorites from this disc, as the song titles are in Russian, but they're all good. If this is the quality Moglass stands fore, I'll have to check out the earlier CD and their split 3 inch CD with Nihil Est Excellence. Both on NexSound.

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