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Steve Snelling
Perfect Strangers
Dirkland Productions

Steve Snelling makes sensitive and highly appealing music. The opening song "Daniel" is an acute character study of a troubled soul. 'Daniel's arms are scarred down to the fingertips, in places where he's bitten to the bone' sings Snelling. The songs soft sound underlines the sadness of the lyric. "This Can't be my world" has gorgeous piano-playing and a melody Sting might have penned.

"Precious Vessels" is an astute comment on a cold society. Musically its jazzy and ornate. "Postcards from Diane" has plenty of emotional pull as well as a slightly whimsical melody. "If Only..." details dreams of perfect love and how the object of said love might really feel. It's a fine record that gives the listener much food for thought.

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