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Stephanie Wright
The Turning Point
Prequel Music

Stephanie Wright's second album is an accomplished work. She approaches her songs with great care and sensitivity. Thus we get quiet ballads like "Farewell, My Friend" and more energetic numbers like "Loving you".

The title track echoes early Tori Amos in a good way. The intensity Wright imbues it with is delighful to hear. The brilliant "Masterplan" has evocative piano-playing and expressive singing. Wright's voice flutters gracefully like a bird in flight. She covers Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" and actually does it justice with her stripped-down version. One of the hardest things a singer can do is take a rock classic and put their own stamp on it, but Wright does it well.

Stephanie Wright is a singer who deserves to be heard by a large audience.

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