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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 82 - 06/14/03

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Self released

Misnomer play an intriguing, electronica-infused music with politically charged lyrics. Yvonne Okudova sings like a dispossessed angel on "Jagged Line". The words are of a crumbling society, obssessed with itself.

"6.01 (Fake:It)" is like an ambient Rage against the Machine. Okudova's half-rapped delivery is well contrasted with the floaty music. "Sentence" has vocals by keyboardist John Lacey and carries echoes of eighties synth-pop. Lacey's voice has a very english blankness to it. "Paralytic" is quietly appealing and has more expressive vocals by Lacey. "Nothing Left to Feel" has guest vocals by Karis McLarty who sounds very innocent. Okudova adds her voice to the track which resembles Saint Etienne with more edge. The closing title track is atmospheric and plaintive.

It's a very accomplished and original debut for Misnomer.

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