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Homy is fronted by Nina Natri who once sang in indie-pop heroes Fidget. Fidget were an artsy and cool band who made new wavey pop. Homy is more of a playful experiment with electronica. Natri's voice is an aquired taste, but she is very expressive and a little bit like a Swedish Björk.

The single "Bus Stop" is a coquettish reggae about longing for something better than what you've got. "Good Gone Bad" is a duet with Jogi who sounds like he's Shaggy's brother. The songs beats are both plastic and joyous. "Cannonball Queen" samples Serge Gainsbourg's "Bonnie and Clyde" and leaves most of the singing to guest Chilly Dog. The french lyric alludes to the original gangster couple in a funny way.

Elsewhere Homy sample Dolly Parton's "Jolene". They are electic, this group. "Enough is Enough" uses Natri's girlish voice well and strays into synth-pop. The rockier "Baby Blue" is a thrilling declaration of love.

Homy wont change your life, but they will but some fun into it just the same.

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