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Deconstruction 2003
Ijssellhal, Zwolle, NL, 04.06.03

Deconstruction is an European version of the Warped Tour, an already well established event in skate, bike and punkrock music that until 1999 was done outside the North America too. No matter being in a smaller version, the Decon came in order to guarantee to the Europeans that they could share some of the nicest punk rock bands from the independent North Americas labels such as the Fat Wreck and Epitaph cast. This year the festival in its Dutch date happened with 10 bands and also a new plus apart the acrobatics on the U-pipe, with the Incredible Strange Wrestling being for the first time ever part of the program in some of the 8 Deconstructions dates. It is fun - guaranteed. There is no other so expressive reunion of so many top quality bands of a single genre of rock music taking part in the nowadays summer pop shows across Europe. And despite of half of the Decon venues were open air, the one in Zwolle was indoor although, one of the most complete.

With an attendance estimated in some 4000 punkrockers, they pogoed, shaked hands and bodies, screamed, cried out and moshed under the sonic walls of Fabulous Disaster, Hell is for Heroes, Youth Brigade, Thrice, Bouncing Souls, Strung Out, The Real McKenzies, Boysetsfire, T.S.O.L. and NOFX, listed in that present day schedule. Yeah, you have to be young and mad enough for this marathon. So many nice artists to entertain, no matter if musically or sports-wise, all of them are in fact true athletes to sweat and give their hearts for what they like to do.

The four bad asses women of Fabulous Disaster ignited the fire and the only pity is that not too many people were there when they entered on stage in the early afternoon. Thrice is a name to pay close attention for they promise even more being just about to release a third full length. Boysetsfire made the always burning brains set with the addiction of being the new album tour and NOFX, well they are no effects still all this years and become more acid than ever about the Bush megalomanics and after a long time absent of the old continent they did quite a extended gig with the fresh numbers of the last cd.

Perhaps it is unfair to make some isolated comments on one or another band but the truth is that the new and the old mixed in a well balanced bill and by the way, it's quite difficult to have greater cost-benefit than the one the fans get in Deconstruction, where one pay in average less than 3 euros per band and receive many bonus like the shows on 2 and 4 wheels, label's promo cds and of course the world's most reputable fighters on the ring. So worth the day!

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