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The Night Watchmen
Lost in California
Stolen Hat Records

The Night Watchmen's music is great. Vocalist and songwriter Gentry Bornson fronts the band. The music is a mix of americana and alternative rock with a creative twist of cabaret. The songs have lyrics that are very evocative.

"Bootleggers" is a jolly, jazzy tale. It sounds like a happy Nick Cave, if you can imagine such a thing. Jeff Hobbs' saxophone adds a touch of sophistication to the tune. "When I dream of you" is a plaintive yet rhythmic ballad and Bronson's voice is gorgeous when he sings it. "The Devil is Chasing me" swings like there's no tomorrow. "Moonshine Man" is a brilliant song. Bronson describes seedy encounters in a way that feels original.

"Johnny" is a great song about a guy who wishes he was a girl at times. Bronson really gets under his skin.

Lost In California is a fantastic record. It should appeal to anyone who likes good, edgy music.

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