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Kat Terran
Lion and Blue
Little Roar Records

Kat Terran's music is haunting and almost frighteningly intense. Her voice is sharp as a blade and her lyrics poetic. The strange beauty of "Baltic Soldier" lies in its curious sense of rhythm and Terran's evocative delivery. It's a folk song but not like they usually make them, this is more alive.

"Caravan" is mystical-sounding. Its words are weird but strong and the use of a trombone adds to the songs strenght. "Boa Constrictor" is a more abrasive track but is still very melodic. Terran and her band get punky but still maintain a folk sensibility.

"Three Friends" is a gentle song that tells a story about people longing to escape a war. "Dolls" is quite scary. Kat Terran sings of her dolls but imbues her lines with such intensity that I'm sure the dolls are all brides of Chucky.

This is a marvellous and inventive album. Kat Terran will get a lot of attention for it if there's any justice.

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