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coverpic flag Netherlands - Full Moon 83 - 07/13/03

Would you give up on the world?
Hardbroken Music

This review will be short and fast as this EP. Six songs nicely cut by this Hoofddorp quartet. If you like Undeclinable last stuffs, you definitely have to check this. If you are curious about any after Offspring/ GreenDay band, go for them. They come from a village where probably the biggest thing there is some food-catering company called Deli LX that belongs to Ahold, one huge conglomerate involved in a financial scandal recently. Like another Dutch band that stole the brand Bambix from the multinational Nutricia, wouldn't be a bad idea to use an already infamous name for artistic reasons. Well, just a reverie... despite the fact of being "beyond", the 93 seems a bit dated, like for instance Ten Years After, which nowadays is more like Twenty or Thirty... Never mind, they conquered a deed every so called punk band wishes, despite of almost no one admits and in fact few of them really can get along with: a contract by a major. Yes, they signed with Columbia but now they are apparently by "themselves" again. And probably since 1993 the guys have learnt a lot of lessons. From what they show on this more qualitative than quantitative cd, a very promising full length must be on the way. Who will be smart enough for the challenge? Bets are open. Wish they can go far beyond than just the name. It's "never give up", would you?

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