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Reverend Lovejoy
Dead Girl EP
Big Dipper Records

After a break Reverend Lovejoy are back with this 4 song EP. Well, at least singer/guitarist Pål Angelskår hasn't been relaxing since last time Rev. Lovejoy were around, gaining success with his other band Minor Majority (check our archive). Now it's time to pick up where they paused.

RL play americana-pop/rock, sort of a more daylight (late afternoon/early evening) "version" of Madrugada. Of the four songs included drummer Brage Frost Urstad has written two; the laid-back title track, and the more up-beat, Posies-styled "Things To Remember" - the latter being the most catchy song of the EP. Angelskår has written the very fine "Practical Joke", which reminds me of Matthew Sweet. Finally guitarist (and forming member along with Angelskår) Jens Herman Ruge has made the sneaky (not scary) "Monster".

A fine quartet of songs and a taste of what's to come with their new album Way Past Sorry - to be released later this year - I guess.

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