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Curse's melodic goth is very appealing. The bands singer Mikaela Pearson has a sultry voice and the songs are great. "Her Confessor" has strong guitar by Kevin Michaels and a powerfully dark atmosphere. The lyrics mention a charnel house and a mysterious woman. "Starfall" adapts a passage of Lord Byron's poetry and sets it to shuffling beat. Pearson's vocals turn up the intensity.

"Graveyard Shuffle" has the experienced guitarist Marc Ribot guesting. Its jazzy feel and anthemic chorus make it stand out. Mikaela Pearson's femme fatale vocal implores "Head over to the graveyard see who's hanging round". It would make a good soundtrack to the Addams family.

"High Enough to Reach" is a sweetly sung pop song. "Gris Gris" is about the infamous Marie Laveau of New Orleans. The song is sprinkled with voodoo vibes. It's a genre-hopping record but they handle all the styles well. It's a great listen.

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