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Mitchell Akiyama and Joshua Treble make up Désormais. Their music is what might be called post rock. It's more fragmented than traditional rock and is mostly instrumental. The songs drift by in a druggy haze, it's music for the early hours of the morning before dawn comes to take away fragments of dreams that linger.

At times the music is like My Bloody Valentine of Loveless all shimmering guitars and haunting soundscapes. Jenna Robertson contributes vocals to the aptly titled "To say before going to sleep" and "To sing before going to sleep". As was sometimes the case with My Bloody Valentine the words are rendered inaudible and the voice is just an instrument among the others.

Becky Foon from A Silver Mount Zion contributes cello and Eric Craven from Hang Up drums on some tracks. Their contributions make the music even better. This record is fascinating with its strange beauty and eerie sense of dislocation.

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