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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 84 - 08/12/03

Flux a.d.
Flux a.d.

Flux a.d play an ethereal but still poppy music lead by Julie MacDonald's angelic vocals. The irresistible "Letters from Japan" is a great uptempo number. MacDonald's energetic singing and the choppy guitars make it stand out. The wistful "Feels Like Rain" sounds like Lush updated for the new century.

"Afterglow" has the excellent Sarah Harmer (check out her album You Were Here) on backing vocals. "Optic Nerve" uses a layered sound that is hypnotic and updates the ideas of the shoegazing genre again. Julie MacDonald has more personality than the singers of that genre ever had. Her voice doesn't disappear into the mix but strenghtens the music. "Sea of Sound" is a rockin' song that will have you humming along.

It's an excellent cd from a band that dares to dream.

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