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Flavour has no name
City Centre Offices

Hanno Leichtman makes up electronica outfit Static. Alongside various collaborators he makes warm music with his machines. "Inside Your heaven" is a blissful glide with vocalist Justine Electra. "Disquiet" stars Christof Kurzmann who describes a sense of sadness while the music illustrates it. His clarinet gives off an eerie sound. "Ghost Boy" uses Tarwater's Ronald Lippok on vocals. The song takes his disenchanted voice and sets it to a collection of beats. "Turn to me little ghost boy" he sings, making us unsure if it's a threat or words of comfort. He returns for the disturbing "Get Me Something Cold", emoting like the machine John Foxx never quite became.

Musically it takes 2-step to places it's never been before. "Turn On Switch off" has Lali Puna's Valerie Trebeljahr purring ever so softly to an intoxicating soundtrack.

<>Static's album is amazingly constructed and admirably ambitious.

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