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coverpic flag Iceland - Full Moon 84 - 08/12/03

Pier 32, San Francisco, 08.08.

Björk Comes Back
It had been 15 years since I had seen her face. So, I blew off Billy to have Her all to myself.

When I first heard Björk had Prince Billy opening for Her I was tickled and thrilled. As the actual hour approached, I realized that it was not possible to endure both of them today. And well, he'd be a distraction is what.

I got to Pier 32 just as they were wheeling Zeena's harp out. And then it all happened. The All of it All. The nearly full moon through the catwalks behind Her. The strings and that Matmosian gurgle and suddenly I'm crying. First it's I've Seen It All. Then Joga and still sniffling I'm dancingtwistingweaving. Quietly. Stationary. Smiling and unable to look at the fireworks above.

It's only Her and the moon. The Bay Bridge behind me. And all that longing. Hope. Quiet fear. And heavenly music.

Those of you who know. Know and are nodding. The others of you are probably laughing, but no mind. It's happened before - it'll happen again. Like John Cage, I much prefer laughter to tears. But together? Like on that pier in the august moonlight?

That's unbeatable.

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