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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 84 - 08/12/03

Reconsider Me
Burning Heart Records

Anders Wendin used to be in a ska/rock'n'roll band called Monster. When they called it a day Wendin took a break before he came up with his Moneybrother project after a while. A few months ago he and his backing band The Panthers released their debut album Blood Panic, off which "Reconsider Me" is taken from.

Moneybrother is sort of a mixture of influences from soul, regggae/dub, and (the energy of) old school friendly punk rock (ebb of the 70s). Even though the title track "Reconsider Me" is quite souly sounding I get this Bruce Springsteen rock vibe, which simply isn't my thing. "Strange is the night" is more laidback ballad, quite ok, but sort of ordinary, even though there's a pulse through it all which attracts me. Third track "The Word" (Exitensminimum version) is the thougest, being a more experimental piece into dub territory.

All in all this single didn't make me jump my chair, even though Wendin appears to be quite sympathetic. His English is some other story, sounding quite, eh, Scandinavic, if I must say so.

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