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Fiel Garvie
Leave me out of this

After the marvellous single, here comes Fiel Garvie's second album. It's a stunning record, continuing where the debut left off. The group's moody, cinematic songs are brilliant. The uptempo "Got a Reason" takes in the Velvet Underground's white noise, but brings the bands own sound into the mix as well. "Doortime" is a colourful song that makes good use of Anne Reekie's gorgeous voice. "Reeling as You Come Around Again" is a spooked song with plenty of disturbing noises. It sounds like perfect music for the other side of midnight.

"Talking a Hole in my head" is a punchy pop song with plenty of sass. Reekie's singular voice makes it a thing of wonder. The weird parts that Fiel Garvie add to every song only makes them shine brighter. Their music is truly special and moves me in ways I can't even describe.

"Old Friend" details a relationship torn asunder in a heartbreaking way. Musically it starts out slowly with a gently played guitar balancing Anne Reekie's whispery vocals. It builds to a mindblowing climax gradually.

Fiel Garvie have made a welcome return and this album is a gem.

To be released (in the UK) September 29th.

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